Cattle Stockman’s (Animal Husbandry)

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This course offers bridging solutions between Veterinary services and the Stockowner. The situation is too often presented, whereby the Vet is called in at the last minute to deal with
problems, too late in many cases and the loss affected is often incorrectly blamed on the Vet. This course is partly directed to the Stockowner, to better understand early warning signs and before it is too late to call in Vet services to prevent consequent losses.

Furthermore it should be understood that the Stockowner can and should handle a large variant of cases by his own measure, it is however key for the Stockowner to identify problems that fall outside his capabilities to deal with. Handling facilities are also discussed in detail with various options presented. Equipment, branding, de-horning, tagging, vaccinations, inoculations, injections, hoof problems, animal health, basic treatment, routines, etc, are all covered within the course.

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