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Rothman Livestock Training Services (RLTS) is a South African company providing training courses and training services in the form of 35 short courses affecting key skills development in the cattle, sheep & goat, pig and poultry industries. Furthermore, we offer consulting services within the livestock industry as well as providing key services to farmers.

In addition to the short courses and consulting services RLTS has been running a successful Agriculture and Livestock Training Academy based in George the Southern Cape for a number of years. The Academy has provided theoretical and practical training to trainees with the objective of empowering trainees to apply themselves to functional farming processes.

Farming is a complex, high risk venture that requires large amounts of capital and comprises of a multitude of practical and management skills. There is no better way to learn than to work on successful operational farming enterprises while been monitored by skilled instructors. There are 5 training modules made up of a total of 42 sub-modules covering dairy, beef, pig, sheep, goats, poultry farming.

RLTS training instructors offer theoretical & practical training with over 100 years of collective farming, consulting and training experience. Many of our courses fall in line with the requirements as set out by the Animal Improvement Act of South Africa. It is important to realize that unfortunately the industry is fraught with mis-information and fly by night trainers taint the entire industry by the lack of insight when offering training services. What seems to be fair in theory does often not work in practice. Experience is a valuable requirement when making farming cost effective and profitable. We also provide tailor made training where specific needs are seen to by means of preparing courses around the customer’s requirements.

Andy Rothman has been involved with providing training and consulting services for over 50 years and together with his son Norman Rothman with 25 years of experience provide the backbone to key training and consulting services for RLTS.

RLTS has formed key alliances with selected entities and individuals expanding on providing key services within the Agriculture industry. Lily Isidoro, who is a registered animal health technician, providing training and extension services is an independent operator adding value to the RLTS portfolio. We also make use of various skilled individuals that have run large successful farming operations for a number of decades.

The demand for equipment has also allowed us the opportunity to set up a manufacturing process which is due to be launched during 2018, with various products being made available offering farmers a wider range of quality equipment manufactured in accordance with South African conditions.

Our trainers and consultants also provide comprehensive consulting services within the Agriculture industry on a global basis, having provided consultancy services in various African Countries.

RLTS instructors have been training trainees from the undermentioned list over the last number of decades:

  1. Qualified and Registered Veterinarians from South Africa,
  2. Qualified and Registered Veterinarians from numerous African countries,
  3. Veterinary students from Onderstepoort (Pretoria University),
  4. Veterinary Council representatives have in the past been trained by RLTS instructors,
  5. Employees from Onderstepoort and Pretoria University,
  6. Semen Collectors from both the major registered Bull Stations in South Africa,
  7. Most of our competitors performing training services, consulting services and technical field services,
  8. Active field staff and semen salesman from many of the independent companies operating in Southern Africa,
  9. Unisa Animal Reproduction students have been and are busy being trained by us as a pre-requisite for their diplomas.
  10. University of Tswane and Glen College as well as other agriculture tertiary institutes have sent their students and lecturers for training with us, we still complete an annual training program for Glen College,
  11. Various Government department send their employees for training, such as the department of Agriculture and Correctional Services,
  12. The Registrar’s Office of Animal Improvement in South Africa and Namibia has referred and nominated our instructors to provide training within the Southern African region over a number of decades,
  13. Non-Governmental Organizations have selected us to provide training for development projects in South Africa such as REIN Africa and SPEAR,
  14. Corporately funded projects within Southern Africa regularly make use of our training and consulting services,
  15. Farmers from within South Africa and across the world,
  16. Farmers well recognized as leading stud farmers achieving the highest returns have been trained and used consulting services offered by RLTS instructors,
  17. Farm Workers, both literate and illiterate,
  18. Business men and woman.

We are sure that you will find that our training will add value to your farming venture and dramatically enhance your skills and look forward to seeing you at our training.

Dept of Agriculture RSA Accredited Registration Number:

Lily Isidoro: 62/98/S-3943 , SAVC registration number : H18/13011
Andy Rothman: 62/98/S-1169
Norman Rothman: 62/98/S-1619

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