Calf Rearing – Theory only

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The annual losses incurred as a result of calf mortality and consequent effect on breeding cattle runs into hundreds of millions of Rand’s per annum within Southern Africa. In many cases these losses could have been avoided. Handling and basic treatment of young calves may seem simple enough but unfortunately, the results prove it to be more complicated. (The average Calf mortality is 30%).

With many years of experience in raising calves, we hope to combine practical know how with prescribed solutions to better empower the stockowner to deal with various scenarios. It is often overlooked that better preparation of the cow before calving, can drastically improve the survival chances for her calf. The proverbial phrase “There is more than one way to skin a cat” is profoundly true when dealing with the management of calves. We aim to bring these variants to the fore during our training course. The most important Inoculations and treatment processes are addressed in detail.

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